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We Get Sh*t Done

Expertly crafted and customized Marketing Technology solutions with a focus on quality and seamless integration

We make it happen - You get results

The Joseki Tech team has over 70 years of combined experience in solving complex enterprise problems. We work closely with your business and technology teams, utilizing strong communication and great technology to ensure success. We roll up our sleeves and get things done. Our team has a strong belief in craftsmanship, a full suite of tools, and a proven track record of building successful large scale enterprise applications, which we use to find the best solution for each customer's unique needs. We tackle the project with the perfect play – with your best interests as our first priority. Cheers to your success.

What’s in a name?

Our philosophy is reflected in our name, referencing the ancient game of Go. When both Go players achieve a "perfect play", each gaining their best possible outcome, the sequence is dubbed a “joseki”.

For us, we believe the perfect play is striking a balance between technical excellence, and business requirements. Together, we generate results that thrill our clients: quick delivery, reduced costs, increased revenue, and improved user experiences – within both the client, and their customer base.

Meet the team

Adam is a veteran of 30+ years of experience in IT technologies and consulting and founded Joseki Tech hoping to apply these skills to solving business problems.

Joseki Tech is working with customers to help understand the business problem, learn how technology can be applied to solving it and then executing this vision.

Over 20 years of enterprise systems experience. Excellent communication and technical skills. Substantial experience in the hospitality, financial, and digital media industries.

Specialties include full cycle project execution from inception through delivery. Excel at systems integration, technical challenges, team building, and mentoring.

Dan Bush

Vice President,

Application Development

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RM profile photo_edited_edited.jpg

Vice President,

Product Strategy & Transformation

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Data-driven and customer-obsessed with 14 years of experience in eCommerce, Rishva is a powerhouse. She has launched new products, developed go-to-market strategies, and built product roadmaps for companies like Wayfair, TripAdvisor,, Staples, and Lovevery. Her expertise and results-oriented mindset make her a valuable asset to any team.

Jasmin excels in the martech domain, balancing automation, strategy, and content creation, all underscored by a robust technical background. Her work with Fortune 150 elites and emerging innovators showcases her adaptability and data-driven approach. Harnessing technical prowess and keen data analysis, she derives actionable strategies from intricate insights. Her comprehensive blend of skills consistently boosts brands, enhancing their reach in a data-centric digital landscape.

Jasmin Salas


Marketing & 
Senior Consultant

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Stephen boasts 30 years in software engineering, delivering top-tier technology solutions. At Joseki Technologies, he's harnessed React, AngularJS, and Java for significant projects. He crafted a content syndication service using AWS and NextJS, led development for a Fortune 500 hospitality firm, modernized transaction systems for a Fortune 150 retailer, and designed a reporting tool for an international modeling agency. Stephen excels in innovative, efficient solutions.

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