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Marketing Technology

Enhance your customer interactions with the aid of industry leading MarTech tools from leading vendors. Joseki Tech provides tailored guidance for popular platforms, website optimization, and streamlined omnichannel marketing strategies.


Integration and Application Specialties


Custom Single Page Applications

We architect, design and implement React.js & Angular.js applications. Server-Side Rendering, JWT integration, DevOps, analytics, and internationalization features.


J2EE Services & Integrations

At our core our team boasts Java skills and decades of experience writing every flavor of service to help deliver projects. Whether it’s building the new data model, designing a suite of services or setting up a great CICD Jenkins pipeline, our expertise is your solution.


Expertise on your current systems

We’ve worked with the most popular tools and integrations out there to be able to curate a workflow that works for you. Find out how we can best use our knowledge to your advantage.

Get in Touch

We are currently accepting new clients, let us know how we can help.

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