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3 Weeks to $300K: Big Savings, Bigger Data with Joseki Tech

In a decisive move to amplify customer engagement, Joseki Tech embarked on a transformative project for a leading e-commerce brand, leveraging Snowflake's advanced data warehousing capabilities. This initiative pushed beyond traditional system updates, aiming to innovatively harness data to enhance brand loyalty. Within three weeks, our team realized over $300,000 in annual savings by optimizing credit usage from 300/day to just one. This narrative delves into how Joseki Tech navigated complex data challenges, achieving exceptional efficiency and setting new standards in data-driven innovation.

Unraveling Snowflake: The Backbone of Our Solution

Central to our strategy was Snowflake, distinguished by its cloud-based data warehousing technology that excels in data ingestion, processing, and analysis on a large scale. Snowflake’s architecture breaks away from traditional database constraints, offering flexibility and scalability essential for dynamic e-commerce environments. With Snowflake, businesses can unlock insightful data-driven strategies, making it a cornerstone tool for Joseki’s innovative approach to problem-solving.

The Challenge of Loyalty at Scale

Our journey began with a clear goal: to revamp the loyalty program of a leading e-commerce platform, encompassing a myriad of events related to points earning and redemption, alongside campaign and account management. The challenge was not trivial; events numbered in the millions, each requiring precise ingestion into Snowflake for further processing. This ambitious project demanded an efficient, robust, and scalable solution to handle the vast data volumes.

The Initial Approach: Snowpipe’s Limitations

Opting for Snowpipe initially seemed a natural fit. This tool automates data loading into Snowflake from cloud storage solutions like Azure Blob, offering a seemingly straightforward path to ingesting the vast volumes of loyalty program events. However, the reality was more complex. The combination of high event volumes, small file sizes, and the necessity of a staging area proved to be cost-prohibitive. Additionally, the latency in data processing and challenges in event aggregation due to Snowpipe’s design meant the initial solution was far from optimal.

A Shift in Strategy: Embracing Snowflake Streaming

Realizing the need for a more nuanced approach, the first step was the investigation of the Kafka Connector. It seemed promising for its use of Snowpipe Streaming API and zero-code appeal but fell short of our specific needs, for pre and post-processing of each event. Our focus shifted to leveraging Snowflake Streaming within an existing Spring Boot application. This approach was a game-changer, enabling the direct consumption of events through an Event Hub processing client and their subsequent ingestion via a streaming channel. This direct integration solved the latency and cost issues and brought unparalleled flexibility to our data processing efforts. We refined and refactored this solution into a reusable dependency, enabling its widespread adoption across the organization through simple configuration changes.

Lessons and Reflections

In tackling the vast data challenges of a major e-commerce loyalty program overhaul, we journeyed from confronting Snowpipe's limitations to embracing Snowflake Streaming's potential. This strategic pivot underpinned our agility and innovation, allowing us to refine our approach for unparalleled efficiency. This pivot exemplifies Joseki Tech's core ethos: we dissect and reimagine presented ideas, engineering tailored solutions that supersede expectations. Our adaptation from Snowpipe to Snowflake Streaming wasn't just a technical shift—but a manifestation of our ability to transform challenges into triumphs. Joseki Tech specializes in making the seemingly impossible, possible, turning visionary ideas into effective, scalable solutions. Our dedication to excellence and innovation is evident in how we overcame this project's hurdles, delivering a loyalty program that enhances customer engagement. At Joseki Tech, we redefine challenges as opportunities to innovate, ensuring our clients' ventures not only succeed but lead in the digital commerce space.

Concluding Thoughts: The Path Forward

In just three weeks, Joseki Tech significantly reduced an e-commerce loyalty program's operational costs by over $300,000 a year, transitioning from Snowpipe to Snowflake Streaming. This strategic shift not only streamlined data processing but also brought substantial financial benefits, showcasing our capability to deliver efficient solutions swiftly.

By embracing Snowflake Streaming, we tackled complex technical challenges, demonstrating our skill in transforming ambitious projects into scalable successes. This effort highlights our commitment to innovation, as we redefined customer engagement through data-driven strategies. 

Joseki Tech's approach to this project reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital commerce. This proves that with the right expertise, achieving breakthrough results in a tight timeframe is entirely possible. Through this initiative, we have reaffirmed our position as leaders in delivering high-impact technology solutions that drive significant savings and competitive advantage.


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